Singing Bee Auditions

The Singing Bee auditions is one of the most innovative singing competitions in the United States. The show originally began to air on NBC, but was then shifted to CMT. It is unlike other musical competitions, and generally involves karaoke singing with a competition that is similar to the spelling bee, where contestants must try and remember the lyrics of the song that is played. The show involves two main rounds which include a series of contests, which players must try and win in order to reach the showdowns. There are two showdowns that are held in the show, namely the Chorus Showdown and the final Countdown. Whoever wins the competition gets to go home with a prize of $50,000. The show has generally received positive responses and has had a lot of guest appearances as well.

If you are looking to enter the singing bee competition, you will first have to go through the singing bee auditions. These auditions are held throughout the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom, but you should know the place and time so that you can prepare yourself. However, you don’t need to worry because the Singing Bee staff releases dates of the auditions well before they are headed, so that prospective contestants can easily prepare themselves. Generally, the judges hire only a selected number of contestants, so you will need to prepare yourself in order to make it through.

Singing bee auditions are primarily designed in order to allow people to showcase their talents, and because it is not an open show. Without going through an audition, you cannot expect yourself to get selected, so it is considered to be an entry in to the show. More importantly, it should be known that as of now, the show has been cancelled in the United States, but is still quite popular in Australia and the United Kingdom. Before the auditions are held, dates, times and venues are released for different vicinities, so if the singing bee auditions are coming to your town, it is always worth a try.

A lot of confidence is required, so if you are unable to face an audience, you will really need to buck yourself up. The auditions are generally open to general public, while contestants must register beforehand. Anyone can see the good songs to sing for auditions, so you will be performing before a large number of people and not just in front of the judges.