Casting / Audition / Job Title Market / Location Project Type Submit By
Director - LA Los Angeles, CA Crew - Producer/Director 10-2-2015
South Pacific Now Casting Actors Cleveland, OH Theatre - Non-Equity 7-2-2015
Smokey Joe's Cafe & More Now Ca... Boston, MA Theatre - Equity (Union) 31-1-2015
Auditions for Rubbing Out Otis Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 6-2-2015
Detroit Feature All Roles Charlotte, NC Theatre - Equity (Union) 30-1-2015
Hunted Casting Featured Roles Orlando, FL Feature Film - Non-SAG 22-2-2015
Singin' In The Rain Auditions Charleston, SC Theatre - Non-Equity 1-3-2015
"Michelle Darnell" Movie Now Hi... Atlanta, GA Crew - Other 22-3-2015
Untitled Short Film Now Casting Austin, TX Feature Film - Short Film 28-2-2015
The Addams Family Auditions Indianapolis, IN Theatre - Non-Equity 18-2-2015
Bat Boy The Musical Now Casting Indianapolis, IN Theatre - Non-Equity 6-2-2015
Disneyís Mulan Jr. Auditions Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 4-2-2015
Jungle Book Casting Lead Roles Augusta, ME Theatre - Non-Equity 6-2-2015
Hairspray Open Auditions For Le... Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 8-2-2015
Auditioning For The Alone Toget... Charleston, WV Theatre - Non-Equity 1-3-2015
Caterpillar Internal Video Cast... Los Angeles, CA Infomercials 8-2-2015
Abberant Casting Call Los Angeles, CA Feature Film - Short Film 20-2-2015
$3500 Hair Styling Infomercial ... Miami, FL Infomercials 6-2-2015
Sound of Music Now Casting for ... Boise, ID Theatre - Non-Equity 12-2-2015
Twelfth Night Now Casting Actors Las Vegas, NV Theatre - Non-Equity 8-2-2015

Singing Auditions

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In entertainment,¬†acting and singing auditions¬†are a pre-production process for selecting a cast of actors and other talent. Auditioning means selecting the actors, dancers, singers, or other talent for a live or recorded performance. It typically involves auditions before a panel that may include the production’s producer, director, and choreographer.

Auditions are a nerve-wracking and a difficult experience for most actors or singers, but they are an essential part of the job. If you are called for an audition, you will often receive a few pages of the script or a song that you will be expected to read or perform. The most you can do is prepare the best you can and go into the audition confident; not arrogant, confident. Auditioning is a skill and the more you attend, the better you will become. Just be yourself; you should do fine!

Singing auditions are a lot of work and the atmosphere is very stressful. Just be prepared to put in the work. It will all be worth it in the end once you land that big role in the music world.

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